DAT and Dangaard Telecom launch mobile email service for MPx

DAT and Dangaard Telecom launch mobile email service for MPx

Today, DAT Group plc and Dangaard Telecom announced they would form a new company, Tabella LP, to develop and market a new mobile email solution. The service has been specifically designed to match the market demand for managed mobile messaging solutions.

DAT have identified this area as strong potential source of revenue in 2005 and will receive 77.75% of the profits of the Tabella LP.

DAT provides device management solutions to manufacturers, mobile operators, distributors and retailers and offers both software product and custom solutions. Dangaard Telecom is Europe’s largest distributor in the telecommunications industry and in FY 2002/2003 achieved revenues of €1.2 billion. The new service is aimed at enterprise users and professional consumers who want their emails delivered on some of the world’s most advanced mobile phones, featuring Windows Mobile software. These devices including the revolutionary dual-hinge Motorola MPx are capable of delivering the power of an office desktop in an amazingly compact, highly-functional mobile format.

The service is centred on the Tabella system which incorporates essential personal information management features with leading edge device control that is essential for corporate phones. As well as having full push-email, calendar and contact information, users will also be able to manage their device from a Tabella web portal. The portal will allow easy setup of multiple email accounts, upload backgrounds, ring tones and have inherent security features such as the ability to send a signal to lost phones that locks them and prevents unauthorised use.

The Tabella system will launch on the Motorola MPx, a truly unique device blending the best of a mobile phone, personal data assistant and email messenger in an easy-to-use design that allows users to access information via a QWERTY keyboard or touch screen.

The service combines DAT’s internationally acknowledged device management software with Dangaard Telecom’s highly efficient logistics and distribution capabilities. Dangaard Telecom has a well established supply chain originating from their relationships with device manufacturers through to retailers. Commenting on the joint venture; David Hayes, DAT’s CEO said…

“I am delighted to announce DAT’s partnership with Dangaard Telecom. Dangaard Telecom’s marketing expertise and established supply chain complement DAT’s technology solutions perfectly. Together the two companies have everything required to build and market a world beating mobile email service”

He further added; “I am very excited to be making such a positive announcement so early in DAT’s life as a public company. This is an important development for DAT and will be a substantial source of future revenue, driving our growth. It is a hugely exciting opportunity and we are looking forward to working more closely with Dangaard Telecom on a global level.”

Dangaard Telecom’s COO Michaél Koehn Milland: “By joining with a best-of-breed partner as DAT, we can facilitate the device manufacturers, operators, service providers, MVNO’s and retailers in the telecommunication industry, with new and innovative business solutions. This joint venture presents an extra dimension to our value adding services”.

Motorola comments: “The mobile enterprise market is really starting to take off, with solutions like mobile email paving the way for professionals to stay better connected and ahead of the curve,” said Amer Husaini, Vice President Product Operations, Motorola Mobile Devices Europe. “Motorola is dedicated to growing this market by meeting the needs of mobile professionals through a wide range of products — such as the Motorola MPx — that leverage the power of wireless and desktop, seamlessly. That’s why we’re so pleased to see Dangaard and DAT coming together to provide a new mobile email and device management service that will continue to broaden the market and strengthen customer choice.”

The whole solution is built around Microsoft messaging and mobile phone software technology and the collaboration has the full support of Microsoft.

“Our goal with Windows Mobile is to deliver an integrated, consistent mobile software platform that supports the development of innovative applications and provides seamless integration with critical business information,” said Jason Stolarczyk, product manager, Mobile and Embedded Devices Division at Microsoft Corp. “Tabella LP’s mobile email solution provides enterprise customers with a compelling, new option to manage mobile data on Windows Mobile-based devices.

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