T-Mobile MDA Compact Pocket PC Phone hits the shelves

T Mobile MDA Compact Pocket PC Phone hits the shelves

Here’s some exclusive shots from a T-Mobile shop of the MDA Compact. These shots were taken on an SPV C500 and the RRP seems to be £169.99, but you can bring down that cost on certain tariffs.

Plus we’ve got news of the T-Mobile SDA, which has started to appear on price lists in the UK for an RRP of £89.99, but expect to pay as little as £49.99 for some tariffs !

Now unfortunately I can’t tell you where I got these pictures, or this info. However, on a completely unrelated note, I’d like to say hello to ..

57 The Parade

In fact, if you give them a shout on 01793 533888 I’m sure they’d love to speak to you about the MDA Compact. Don’t forget, that’s 01793 533888 (COUGH) Freebie for obvious plug (COUGH!) ;)

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