MPx220 – More pictures from the camera

MPx220   More pictures from the camera I’ve had quite a few emails since this news item about the MPx220 went online. You guys wanted some more info about my Motorola MPx220, like what version of the OS it’s running and where it came from. You also wanted to know when it was coming out on a network. Well, I can’t really answer any of these until I’ve done a bit more checking, however I will let you know as soon as I can. On the plus side, this handset seems to work very well and it’s well put together.

On my way into work this morning I got stuck in some nightmare traffic while trying to avoid the M6. A truck had jack-knifed somewhere near junction 14 so I, and several thousand others, tried to get around it. This failed miserably of course, and I ended up going nowhere for about two hours! It was however, a very good opportunity to test out the digital zoom on the MPx220, so I’ve got even more example pictures below (click “Read more” if you can’t see them). The zoom is pretty damned good – probably better than my old digital camera, which was a 1.3 Megapixel jobby.

I’ve uploaded all these pictures in their original format, you can see the original by clicking on the thumbail, then the preview. For a quick example of the quality, click here to open up the full-size version of this house.