The MPx220 – is it all that bad?

The MPx220   is it all that bad? Well, in a word. No. We’ve heard about the camera issues it had, plus the low volume on calls. However, I’ve got one right here with the very latest OS Version and I wanted to put a few things right before finishing off a full review.

Firstly, the volume. It’s fine, in fact it’s very clear. Even the nice Orange Lady sounds different. Clear, sharp and loud. As for the camera .. let me show you .. I’ve taken a few shots below. Some with flash, some without, some inside, some out. Have a look and make your own mind up. I haven’t taken a great deal of care about these shots – I haven’t had to stand really still or even wait a few seconds after clicking the “capture” button, they’re purely quick snaps that anyone might take.

Personally, I think the MPx220’s problems have now been put to bed. This latest version of the OS seems to have nailed any issues it may have had in earlier versions and I hope this handset will finally get the widespread success it deserves.

Click the “read more” link to see all the pictures below if you can’t see them. There’s some nice close-up shots of this handset too, oh.. and you’ll also find a video I made showing how the external screen acts as a viewfinder for your camera!

UPDATE – I’ve added even more shots taken with the MPx220 camera, mostly on a very gloomy day here in the UK. Also I’ve uploaded this 3GP movie which was recorded on the MPx220. You can view this using RealPlayer (let it download the latest plugins).