CoolSmartPhone is dead… Goodbye cruel world?!

CoolSmartPhone is dead... Goodbye cruel world?! For reasons best known to themselves, the company hosting this site believe that I have been using my server for “an eBay scamming scheme”. I have just received an email saying that my account will be closed and the server will be removed immediately.

For this reason, I have no idea how much longer will remain online. Dedicated Support are supposed to be contacting me soon about this, but at present it looks like I’m going to be shut down.

For what it’s worth, I’m shocked by this – the site has only been on hosted with for around 4 days and they’re closing me down. I have no idea what the heck this “ebay scam” is, however this doesn’t appear to be understood by the people at and they’re closing me down anyway. I am EXTREMELY annoyed with APlus at the minute. I’ve just paid them around $300 fot setting up and hosting for one month and now, just a day or two later, they’re shutting me down without a warning. Now I face moving again, splashing out even more cash and starting with another provider! Gggrrrrrr!

I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen now, but please do help me spread this news, as we may go offline any minute now.

UPDATE – A nice bloke called Roger from the Dedicated Support team at APlus is now helping me with this. It may all be due to an email sent to their abuse team from someone, suggesting that I’m spamming (which is rubbish, as 99% of spam has a faked sending address). Now we’ve got to sit and wait. I do have (thanks to you guys) several other options and you can rest assured that you will NEVER get a “host not found” message, as I’ll ensure we’re online one way or another.

UPDATE 2- Oh.. we appear to be back now.. and everything is working.. strange.. see this story.