That bloody crazy frog!!!

That bloody crazy frog!!! Stop the world, I want to get off. Yes, not content with annoying everyone with 30 adverts per hour featuring “the crazy frog ringtone” on most Music TV channels, it would appear that they’ve now remixed it and plan to release it on CD. Chris Moyles played a mercifully short part of it this morning on his show. The “tone” has been peppered with heavy drum beats and the frog gets a heavy resampling in the tune, which will no doubt hit Peer2Peer networks shortly.

Now, because my girlfriend has to constantly stop me throwing a brick at the TV every time this not-so-well-endowed blue frog comes on the TV, I’ve decided to vent my frustration in other ways before this frog starts taking over at parliament or something. Here’s a video for your Smartphone, where that bloomin frog finally gets killed off. YEAH ! YEAH !!! Run over the b”£%$” !!! I’ll give you a “badingdingdingdingdingdingding” !!!

P.S. – Yes, he should be wearing some clothes. That’s really not a good look.