Worradeal ! 1Gb MiniSD cards for £119.99

Worradeal ! 1Gb MiniSD cards for £119.99 CoolSmartPhone member Wez (hi Wez), emailed in about a great deal he’s spotted on MiniSD cards here at MobyMemory.com. At the moment they’re only £119.99 for a whole GIG! Each card comes with a 5 year manufacturers warranty and 14-day money-back guarantee.

MiniSD cards are the type that fit into the SPV C500 / AudioVox SMT5600 and others. Wez says…

“They were very good in terms of service and the cards were delivered in rapid time. I’ve also seen a lot of positive comments for this company on MoDaCo etc from people who’ve ordered from these guys.”

…and how very true these comments are, which is why we’ve given MobyMemory.com our CoolSmartPhone seal of approval. They’ve also got good deals on MiniSD 512Mb cards for £46.99, 256Mb MiniSD’s for £20.99 and 128Mb MiniSD cards for £12.99. All of these come with supplied with SD adapters for greater compatibility.

They’ve also got standard SD cards too – 1Gig will cost you £64.99, 512Mb will cost £36.99 and 256Mb is £22.99. Just think how many MP3’s, games and stuff you can cram onto your phone !!

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