SmartphoneTV gets even larger

SmartphoneTV gets even larger The new version of that has just been launched. can officially claim that they are now the worlds largest video site for mobile phones. They now cater in wmv, mpg and 3gp videos (which the newer windows smartphones playback).

Here’s the goss… continuously provides a unique database of videos in all genres for the growing number of smart phone users worldwide. Due to the increased popularity of the site, with over 30 thousand registered users since our launch late last year, we have given the site a fresh revamp by cleaning the navigation, services and feel of the site. We now offer videos in the 3gp format, officially making us the worlds biggest smart phone video site. We have a database of over 300 videos! that grows daily for our users and even better, its all free!”

If you’ve got a phone that plays video, go visit! The chances are you may find something you like.

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