A few changes and tweaks

A few changes and tweaks

I’ve been tweaking around with the XML feeds here at CoolSmartPhone. To get the full range of XML feeds that are now available, just click here. I’ve had a few emails regarding the previous feed, which included my blog. People don’t tend to want to include my personal ramblings, so now the standard XML Feed just includes the news.

Here’s the options you now have. You can read more by clicking “Use Our News Feed” on the left here.

This is a direct feed featuring all of our latest news and info.

1 – Our standard XML feed
2 – Our shorter XML feed
3 – Our titles-only feed.

None of the XML feeds above include my blog, so if you’re mad enough to want the XML feed of my blog then you can use…

1 – My text blog XML feed here
2 – My Photo Blog feed here

I’ve also noticed that both the guestbook and your photo blog are getting spammed. Unfortunately, if this continues I may have to remove these totally. Bloody viagra pills!