Site move..

Site move.. If you’re reading this then it means that we’ve successfully shifted to our new hosted server in the USA. My attempt at upgrading the site to a new version of it’s Content Management System had to be aborted as it just couldn’t take the load. This is partially why I’ve had to move our hosting from the UK to America. pumps out around 200 Gig of bandwidth per month, and this is becoming increasingly expensive for me. The CPU loading on the UK server was also getting critical, so now we’ve moved to a US-based server with dual AMD Opteron(tm) Processors and 2GB of RAM.

While I am here and I’ve got the opportunity, please email me if you’re familiar with PHP code and can make our login system (Mambo 4.0.14) cookie-based. My head hurts now.. I’ve had enough of PHP and MySQL ! 🙁

Many thanks!