– This is gonna be huge   This is gonna be huge Unless I’m going mad, I’m certain that GIF plugins (which allow animations on the homescreen of your phone) have been tried before, but they always had one major drawback – they’d suck your battery life. However, the guys at have nailed this problem.. and then they’ve gone on to make the whole idea a million times better. are starting a trial program in February to test their innovative moving homescreens on Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphones (C500’s and the like). I’ve had a sneak preview and the results are quite amazing. A selection of their homescreens, which should be available to the public soon, can be seen below..


As you can see, they’re pretty impressive. Plus they only activate when you’re using the phone (such as when the backlight is on) and they’ll stop when you’re not. Visually, it’s stunning.

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