Hard work ahead..

Hard work ahead.. Over the next few days and weeks I’m going to be undertaking what’ll probably be the biggest change for this website in it’s history. This is an absolutely monolithic task and I may be a bit slow in replying to emails from you guys, for which I apologise.

I attempted to do this around a year ago, and spectacularly crashed the entire server and fecked up the database in the process. This time I’m going to try it again … but sober. (See the sacrifices I make for you lot ?!)

The main reason for doing this is the fact that we have to move home – we’ve out-grown our current server and now need a really big thing with blue lights, alloys and a big exhaust.

More details later on this. One thing I can tell you now is that the login system will actually remember you and your login details when it’s done – so it’s worth doing for that alone! 🙂