Bill Gates and his Smartphone

Bill Gates and his Smartphone At CES (Consumer Electronics Show, it’s a gadget show in Las Vegas), Bill Gates made his keynote speech. It heavily emphasised the Windows Media experience and the wide range of devices and places that support it.

For the Smartphone section, Bill used an Audiovox SMT 5600 (AKA SPV C500 and other names elsewhere) to show off the remote picture utility (I haven’t seen this before) which seems to let you see family photos stored on your Windows Media Center PC from your Smartphone. Bill also had someone show how to record TV programmes on your Windows Media Center using your Smartphone.

Bill looked tiny as he slumped in a very funny looking sofa chair whilst chatting to freaky-hair-style comedian Conan O’Brien. The whole jokey interview idea looked a little strained and wooden, especially due to this Conan fella, who looked incredibly uncomfortable.

Click here to view the speech