HTC Typhoon – taking over the world bit by bit… :)

HTC Typhoon   taking over the world bit by bit... :) Tomas in Prague has emailed in about the infamous HTC Typhoon, which is now selling on Czech provider Eurotel here. It’ll be known this time as the Eurotel Smartphone II, and it adds yet another alias to the probably the most successful Windows Powered Smartphone to date.

Tomas states that the handset comes with Windows Mobile 2003 SE (Version 4.21.1088), a headset, charger, a data cable but no MiniSD card. It also has both English and Czech manuals. The standard cost of the phone is 13995 CZK (about 450 EUR), but customers who sign up for certain packages can get it for 190 EUR.

There are no specific apps with the phone, just this Eurotel homescreen design. Apparently though, if you hit the right soft-key on this homescreen design it opens Eurotel´s page in IE instead of your contacts!

Tip – Tomas Kocanda.
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Close up photo here.