Dr. Neil’s SMS Utils – New Version

Dr. Neils SMS Utils   New Version We’ve already raved about Dr. Neil’s SMS Sender and Tools previously, and now a new spangly version of the much-improved SMSUtils application is now available for download from www.smartphone.roodyn.com here.

This version fixes a number of known issues and adds some new features. Dr Neil wants to thank everyone who has provided feedback in the last year on the versions of SMSUtils, SendSMS and ReadSMS.

New Features include..

-Deleting SMS messages from your device

-Marking messages as Read/Unread
-Support for Pocket PC for Phone
-Support for Windows Mobile 2003 devices
-View SMS Messages in any of your SMS folders
-Sent messages go into the Sent Items folder on your device

Download SMS Utils here for FREE. You can also get screenshots and more information here.