Krome sell the Smartphone too!

Krome sell the Smartphone too! Hey look ! It’s an SPV C500! Ermm… no, sorry, it’s an Audiovox SMT 5600! .. oh, no.. wait.. it’s erm.. yes, another name for the HTC Typhoon ! Although this new came out a couple of months ago it’s worthy of a front page story. So this time Australian company Krome are selling it under the name of the Intellekt iQ700. They’re also selling the Intellekt iQ200 which is basically a re-branded SPV E200 phone.

Krome are targetting the Indian market and state on their website..

“With head office in Melbourne Australia, Krome is set up specifically to bring Microsoft Windows Enabled Devices to the world.

Our immediate aim is to service the highly tech savvy Indian market and help support the momentum that this country is generating.”

The phones (and a Pocket PC Phone too) are supported to run on the Airtel, idea and Hutch networks.

Thanks to Jack for the news submission.

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