T-Mobile UK Delivers a Christmas Present

T Mobile UK Delivers a Christmas Present Looks like T-Mobile UK are playing Santa Claus and dropping something nice into your stockings. Yes, the excellent T-Mobile SDA is most definitely coming to the UK very very soon.

Check out this T-Mobile UK page for information. Although it doesn’t give a release date, it does give details of a satellite navigation kit which will be available as an extra. T-Mobile UK has also listed the T-Mobile MDA Compact Pocket PC phone here too.

We first revealed back in early November that this phone would be coming to the UK, however this is direct confirmation from T-Mobile. It’s already out in both the SDA and SDA Music form in Germany. Click here to visit the T-Mobile UK future handset page, and then click on “E-mail me when it’s available” so you’ll know when you can run out to the shops and get your sweaty paws on this brilliant Windows Mobile phone.

Source – T-Mobile UK