Christmas Time

Christmas Time

Christmas time and another year is almost done. This is the point where a lot of sites do a “year in review” thing – however I couldn’t be arsed so I’m here instead to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. :)

2004 has seen the rise and rise of the SPV C500 (sold under other names elsewhere), news on the Motorola MPx range of handsets (with a couple of problems on the MPx220), Sagem MyS-7 (thanks MiTac), the T-Mobile SDA / SDA Music and a whole lot more besides. Let’s hope 2005 brings us more good news. Perhaps the SDA will come to the rest of Europe? My wish list is, more handsets, 3G Smartphones, more phones with bluetooth and cams, Windows Media Player 10 across all handsets and a greater range of Windows Mobile phones in stores.

Thanks for your support this year – for your questions, your contributions, help, advice, emails, articles, links, information and gossip. You make this site what it is – the biggest and best Windows Smartphone site around. Now, all that remains is for you lot to get drunk and enjoy yourselves over the festive season!

Oh, while I’m here – check out the new
robot from Honda! Does it serve beer?

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