TomTom Mobile – I forgot to mention…

TomTom Mobile   I forgot to mention... In my recent TomTom Mobile Review I neglected to mention a rather excellent add-in feature which comes courtesy of the guys at This feature is basically to add in Speed Camera locations. Ber-loody excellent!

Here in the UK we are plagued by a dense forest of speed cameras – I think there’s slightly more cameras than there are street lights. 🙂 This add-in comes in the form of an updateable database of POI’s (Places Of Interest) from All you need to do is add these in, turn them on as “an interesting place” 😉 .. and then get TomTom to make a sound when you get near one! Wehay!

To find about more about it, click here to read the TomTom Mobile Review and go down to the picture of the police car 😉

Thanks to Darren Griffin at for the additional info and support.