All ready for Christmas?

All ready for Christmas? One week is a long time off when you’re running a site like this. I’m well behind with my emails (I will reply!), and there’s tonnes of news and file submissions to go through yet. Many thanks for all this!

While I was off getting drunk with the missus, you guys sent me loads of cool stuff. For example, there’s this sneezing sound for your text message noise (good for the winter sniffles!), or maybe you’d like Lou from Little Britain saying, “Yeah, I know” when you get a text? All these and more are available in our download section, which is free to use – just sign up (your email address is never passed on or used for marketting, it’s simply so we can credit you for your file submissions!) Oh, and don’t forget that you can check the newest files by clicking the Recent Submissions link on the left.

Right, I’m off to add more Christmas lights to the front of the house. Hey – don’t forget to send in your Christmas music for ringtones and text message sounds! 🙂