My week off..

My week off.. OK, I’m off now on hols. I’ll be back next Sunday evening (19th December), all ready to hit the Christmas and New Year festivities full on.

In the meantime, if I do pop across a web-cafe I’ll update you guys with the latest Smartphone news and info. Oh, oh.. while I remember, the site broke today. All fixed now, and for once it had nothing to do with my lager drinking. 🙂

To keep you busy, I’ve now finally posted the full TomTom Mobile Review here, which includes pictures of it in action, screenshots and even some rather dodgy “action” videos. TomTom is a great Satellite Navigation system for your Smartphone, and proves that having sat-nav in your car isn’t just for wealthy people.

Oh, and me and “the missus” have now set a date – we’re getting married on June 10th 2006 ! Right, gotta dash off now as I’ve put four cans of lager in the freezer compartment to chill them quickly and I’ve left them in there for about three hours. Looks like it’s Carlsberg Lollipops!