Stolen skins

Stolen skins How’s about this for a bit of theft? Yes, according to the website

“ has compiled a few trendy “skins” (home screen savers) for your smartphone on this freebee page dedicated to all of those who have purchase smartphones”

What I think they actually meant was..

“We took the excellent, hard work by Kleinweder (here), stuck our cruddy logo all over it, then claimed it was our work. We’re absolute w**kers if we’re honest.”

Well out of order! That’s not just copied, you’ve even CLAIMED that YOU designed and built the XML code and did the artwork, which you didn’t, it was Kleinweder that spent his time and effort on all these skins, not you. So, for flippin excellent quality skins, click here to visit (an example of his work are on the right here), then afterward email and tell them they’re a bunch of crooks. 🙂

Oh, and thanks to Joe from for bringing this to my attention (original thread here). He’s holding a design competition here, so you can enter that and have a look at some of the excellent entries. 🙂

Update – For a lot more of Kleinweder skins, click here then choose “Category: Smartphone 2002 / 2003 Home Screens”