Why the price difference ?

Why the price difference ? Benn has emailed in with a very interesting and valid point. DVD to Smartphone, which we’ve raved about here already is on sale for a mere £12.99 ($24.99 / €18.82) in our shop here. However, the Orange software shop, run by Handango. are selling the exact same thing for £16.95 ($32.84 / €24.53) !

To make things even weirder, Handango themselves sell it in their own shop for a lot less, at $24.95 here. Strange strange..

Wait a minute, let’s investigate this a tad more. Let’s take the excellent Pocket Mini Golf game and see the price difference there..

At the Handango shop they sell it for $14.95 (£7.72 / €11.16) yet over at the Handango-powered Orange software shop, it’s £9.95! Yes – more again! It works out at $19.28 / €14.40!

Hmmmm.. why are Handango co-branded stores so expensive ?