Another day, another new name for the HTC Typhoon (C500)

Another day, another new name for the HTC Typhoon (C500) That HTC built Typhoon gets around more than Jordan at the minute. It’s already known as the Orange SPV C500, the Audiovox SMT 5600, the Dopod 565, iMate etc etc etc.. now, now it’s got yet another badge on it and yet another name – this time in the shape of the TSM 520.

The TSM 520 will be released by Telefónica Móviles, and I’m sure any self-respecting clubber will already be aware of the MoviStar network when in Ibiza and many other Spanish islands, so you could pick one up on your next holiday if you fancy! 🙂 This is great news for yet more people, as Telefónica Móviles covers not only Spain but places like Morocco, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama and loads more places!

The TSM 520 looks to be in a silver colour and as soon as we get more info it’ll be posted here.

Source and picture (right) from – Geekzone