Dozy robber gets caught by his camera phone

Dozy robber gets caught by his camera phone Doah! Think you’re having a bad day ? Well, at least you’re not as stupid as David Kelly, who decided to rob a local estate agents.

Driving down to the estate agents, in his OWN car, he proceeded to wave a hammer at staff and claim that it was in fact a shotgun. After taking £6000, he and a mate jumped into Davids’ car – which was traced in minutes by the cops. Not only that, but whilst running out of the estate agents he dropped his mobile phone, containing some lovely snaps of his family and David himself.


Detective Malcolm Hustler noted: “There’s a TV show called America’s Dumbest Criminals. If there was a British version there is no doubt Kelly would be in it.”

Source – The Register
(Original story from UK Tabloid “The Sun”)