Even Smarter Smartphones!

Even Smarter Smartphones! This Register story reports on a new breed of smartphones which will, in the future, predict where you’re going and who you’ll meet.

The original news release comes from the New Scientist and details of “what could be” are quite interesting…

“The New Scientist reports possible applications include reminding you not to drink too much the night before an important presentation. Some people might balk as the idea of being monitored – and nagged – by their personal technology. But US scientists reckon they’ve hit on a winner”

Would you like your phone telling you not to have a drink before a big day at work ? ­čÖé Apparently it’s a bit like having a mobile secretary or PA. The Register goes on to say…

“Going beyond the calendar feature common in many current mobiles, the “smarter smartphone” learns about people’s preferences by logging calls and noting when application like cameras are used. Location-based functions allow the phone to keep record where you work and socialise. The phone also makes note of Bluetooth pairing bonds, in theory allowing it to build a profile of who you socialise with. This information would be sent to a server which processes data and returns suggestions or reminders.”

Oh, and the picture on the right is of Neil Enns from Microsoft. He spends a lot of time in the microsoft.public.smartphone and microsoft.public.smartphone.developer newsgroups helping everyone out with their Smartphones. Also, when writing this story I needed a “Smart” person to go with the “Smarter Smartphones” tag-line, so here’s Neil.. with pink hair.. don’t ask, just don’t ask ­čÖé

Source – TheRegister.co.uk