Today I have mostly Skyped…

Today I have mostly Skyped... What is Skype and what does it do ? Well, it used to allow people to make free calls to each other over the internet – provided you were on-line and had a microphone and some speakers ready. Now however it’s got “SkypeOut” added, which lets you call any phone, any where, for pretty much not a lot at all thank you very much. In fact, you can call the USA from anywhere in the world for about a penny a minute.

I’ve been testing Skype and I’ve purchased £7 (10 Euro, $13 US) worth of calling credit plus one of these Cyberphone K handsets to go along with it.

I tell ya what, I’m impressed. Sure, this isn’t related to Smartphones, but if Skype ever gets ported onto the MS Smartphone it sure will be – Skype is on the Pocket PC already.

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