Who needs a modern phone?

Who needs a modern phone? A big-ass Nokia brick on the front page of a Microsoft Smartphone website ? Well, I guess my dad would be pleased, I had to convince him fairly recently to upgrade from his chunky Nokia 5.1 – it was pretty much the same size as this Nokia 2110. Why do I mention this? Well, it would appear that people still want these. In fact, for £14.99 you can get this Nokia 2110. I’m stangely torn between laughing and dishing out 15 quid for my dads Christmas present… after all, he preferred it because it was.. “A big man phone, with big buttons, a big extendable rubber aerial and you had a reason to shout loudly in public”. I find it hard to question that logic.

I love the fact that the Nokia 6210 is included in this “Retrofone” site.. hehehe – loads of people I know have one of these.. 🙂

You too can purchase a big old phone from Retrofone.com