Satellite navigators to be banned?

Satellite navigators to be banned?

Wll satellite navigators used in automobiles be banned in Norway? Yes, if the norwegian police have their way.

According to a newsreport on TV2 the police in Norway are looking to ways to ban the use of satellite navigators and GPS’s in automobiles. Both as standalone installations and in combination with Smartphones and PDA’s.

The reason for this is that one can download extra maps and material revealing where the photoboxes are located, hence give the driver a warning, for instance “There is a photobox in less than 30 seconds, the speedlimit here is 60 kilometres an hour”. The norwegian goverment is looking into the matter according to TV2.

What can I say? It seems that the trusted people that govern us here in the land of Polarbears and morons live in their world of their own. Next week: “The norwegian government bans the Internet”.

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