Smartphone problems in the USA

Smartphone problems in the USA Just a few short months ago it seemed that the US market was finally taking off for Microsoft-powered phones. The MPx220 launched, then the Audiovox SMT 5600 appeared and quickly received rave reviews as AT&T stocked it in their shops.

Now, just a short while later, we have the poor Motorola MPx220 being fixed and recalled, and the Audiovox SMT 5600 is no-where to be seen as Cingular, a US Network Operator, swallows up the AT&T Wireless shops and throws their phones to one side.

This post from a US-based user sums it all up…

“The problem is there are no real alternatives. The Vox SMT5600 has been pulled off shelves due to the ATTWS merger with no definitive plans for the Cingular to sell the phone from this point forward.
So here I was a month ago thinking there would be 3-4 Smartphone options to choose from and the bottom line is unless I want to purchase a half-baked MPx220, there are zero alternatives.”

Oh dear. I feel it’s like a higly successful European singer or group trying to “crack” America. Here in Europe we have the Orange SPV C500 selling well, the E200 is still available and attracts many buyers. Then there’s T-Mobile SDA which is about to crash onto the scene here in the UK along with it’s Pocket PC brother the MDA. Big things are happening, but the US is yet again missing out, just as it was meant to be getting good 🙁