MPx220 goes dotty in the US

MPx220 goes dotty in the US The MPx220 had a difficult first few months. Camera problems and sound issues plagued it, and then AT&T / Cingular / Best Buy recalled it to fix the sound. Well, it turns out that the phones will get returned, updated, then an orange sticker will get put on the box to show that the sound is fixed.

However, now Mobile Gadget News reports that another sticker will be placed on the boxes, a black one, to indicate that the camera issue has been solved. What was the camera issue? Well, with bluetooth ON every photo came out rubbish – lines, white-noise and stripes everywhere – it was like Channel 5 in Wales.

A quote from Mobile Gadget News…

“Now breaking news, there is more to this story! In addition to the orange dots, look for Black dots too. It seems that plans are being laid down for a fix to the camera also. The fix will improve the resolution of the camera when Bluetooth is in use and once fixed, phones will sport a nice Black sticker too. Very Halloween like of them, Orange and Black. No word as to when these Black dot boxes will be coming and if there will be exchanges to that fix level also but it is something to watch for.”

Full story – Mobile Gadget News