T-Mobile Offerings up-close

T Mobile Offerings up close The T-Mobile MDA Compact, T-Mobile SDA and the T-Mobile SDA Music are all coming to T-Mobile UK soon and Lutzh has got them all – plus an SPV C500 here at MSMobiles.com. The full story, along with incredibly high-quality photos, can be found here.

Lutzh has always been first to get the gadgets and the photos, so it’s no surprise to hear that he’s got 3 of the smallest Smartphones around, plus the tiny Pocket PC MDA Compact too. The SDA (black one) is now known as the “T-Mobile SDA Business” and some great quality photos can be seen in the story along with the shiny white SDA music and MDA Compact (also known as the HTC Magician, iMate JAM, Qtek 8010 etc)

Really hi-quality, close-up images can be found here and Lutzh himself is in their forum answering your questions.

Source – MSMobiles.com