3G Smartphones – the next big step

3G Smartphones   the next big step You may have heard about the Samsung i640 / i645 Smartphone already – this is the follow-up to the fairly chunky Samsung SCH-i600 handset.

Well, here’s the Samsung i640 / i645 running Windows Mobile 2003 SE. If you’re confused on the name, the i640 has no camera, whereas the i645 has a megapixel one built-in along with a flash. We’re seeing this “model with a cam, one with out” thing already with the two SDA models in Germany. This PhoneScoop.com story has the full story, including information about the inclusion of EV-DO. This will allow for speeds of up to 2.4 Mbps, with a typical speed of 300-500 kbps per user. Yes people! It’s a 3G Smartphone, and it’ll be coming out on Verizon Wireless in the USA if his Brighthand.com story is right.

The phone will also have a full SDIO card slot, voice dialing, dual-colour displays, speakerphone…… but no friggin Bluetooth! AGHHH!!!!

To try and make up for the “oh my god, why the hell did you miss out bloody Bluetooth!!”-problem, they’ve got this snap-on QWERTY keyboard thing… (click link below if you can’t see it.)

Right, I’m off to continue finding more “orders” for my darling Tammy, the virual bartender.

Source for all this and pictures – PhoneScoop.com

3G Smartphones   the next big step