White hot exclusive – Atlantis Redux Episode 1

White hot exclusive   Atlantis Redux Episode 1 Blimey ! This is one flippin excellent game and has already sold like freshly baked bread rolls on the Pocket PC. Now it arrives on the Smartphone and comes complete with music and spoken dialogue too!

Atlantis Episode 1 is available exclusively from our friends at ClickGamer – click the try button to download the 9MB MPEG video or buy it for a mere £2.66 ($4.95 US) by clicking here.

Atlantis Redux is a very atmospheric adventure game with a 3D engine to knock the hell out of Doom, plus there’s puzzles to solve on the way. The graphics and sound in this game are really fantastic… all this and it’s only the price of a pint!! Bag it!

Oh, and while I’m here, the excellent Li-Nuggz is also available for £5.37 ($9.95 US) – this is fast-paced platformer where you use weapons and skill to complete levels! Get more info, try it or buy it here.

Woo! Thanks ClickGamer!