T-Mobile SDA is available NOW in Holland and … UK too?!

T Mobile SDA is available NOW in Holland and ... UK too?! I’ve just had a message from the guys at T-Mobile Customer Services. I asked them whether the T-Mobile SDA would be coming out in the UK a few months back, but they were pretty tight-lipped. However, in a phone call from them today they stated…

“The T-Mobile SDA is available now to Corporate customers and will be available shortly to all customers and potential new customers”

WOO! This is great news! We can’t find this on the T-Mobile website or any mention of how “soon” it will be, but hey – it’s great news!

Pircture right is of the T-Mobile SDA and Orange SPV C500. Both have the same insides but have different cases, keypads and the SDA comes with a joystick.

Antal van Wijk from the ever-excellent NieuweMobiel.NL has sent me this scan of a MediaMarkt leaflet (MediaMarkt is a large Media & Electronics shop in the Netherlands). Again, this is further proof of the T-Mobile SDA European invasion.