Orange SPV C500 is a top gadget!

Orange SPV C500 is a top gadget! David Knipe has just nudged me about this BBC News story for Stuff Magazine’s top Christmas Gadgets.

Topping the chart is (rather unsurprisingly) the iPod, however the Orange SPV C500 is in the list too, which is well deserved. You can buy Stuff Magazine from any newsagent – just look for the magazine with the semi-naked girl surrounded by a collection of gadgets.. WOaH! Not those gadgets.. No, let’s not go there…

Stuff and What Hi-Fi? magazine are hosting a best-of gadget show in London this weekend, and they’ll have the Virtual Keyboard we mentioned earlier.

Links –
Stuff Magazine
BBC News story
Buy a C500 here

Note – We’re talking about Stuff Magazine UK here and not Stuff Magazine USA, which appears to be a whole different kettle of fish!