Big Smartphone Event – Live Gallery!

Big Smartphone Event   Live Gallery! OK, so you know about this event by now? Yes? Good. If you don’t, click here and get your name down quick! .. tssk.. fancy leaving it until the last minute eh? You’re like those drivers in roadworks who bomb down the outside line and try and cut in by the cones.. Terrible.. 😉

Anyways, if you’re unable to get to Birmingham – don’t despair! We have the solution – the LIvE MoDaCo Event Gallery!

Now, if you ARE going to be there you can be a photographer! It’s easy! All you have to do is get the ruddy excellent AtomicLava software on your Smartphone. This allows you to instantly post pictures on-line without attaching to emails, plus you can add comments too (it’s great – click here for more info. Oh, and it’s free so grab it!) Simply take pictures at the event tomorrow and post them into the online MoDaCo Winter Event Gallery here! This gets updated throughout the event by YOU guys, so if you’re unable to pop down just visit the Event Gallery to see what we’re up to. This will be updated LIVE tomorrow!

Important – if you want to add your pictures to this gallery at the event tomorrow, click here for full instructions. As a quick guide, grab the AtomicLava software here, install it on your phone, go to “Settings” in the software, put a tick in “Show Collections Picker”, then hit “Sync” to get the latest Collections. Then, take a photo at the event and then add a “post” using AtomicLava – attach your photo and then choose “MoDaCoWinter04” and you’re done! Just hit “Sync” and within seconds the picture will be here for all to see! Oh, and don’t forget you can post movies, pictures or audio!

Thanks to James Clarke from the excellent for setting this up!

Note – There’s a LIVE FEED on the right-hand-side of CoolSmartPhone, plus you can click the “MoDaCo Live Gallery” link on the left to see the latest pictures!