CoolSmartPhone second birthday – come and meet me!

CoolSmartPhone second birthday   come and meet me! CoolSmartPhone launched as a single web-page way back on November 1st 2002. At first it was just a test page saying, “this is the SPV, it’s a phone from Microsoft”. About a fortnight later I managed to get my hands on the original Orange SPV and the single page turned into a few more pages of hints ‘n tips, articles, news and stuff. It then moved to the domain that some of you guys may remember. I then had endless emails asking me, “Why is it called BornSloppy?!”, so CoolSmartPhone was born.

Shortly after Microsoft made me an MVP, things started to go a bit mental – the numbers of people hitting this site have sky-rocketed. Membership has gone through the roof – 113,000 people at the moment, and there’s roughly 300 people online at any one time. My inbox overflows daily, women flock at my feet and I now drive a Ferrari… OK, so maybe the last two aren’t true, but this, more than anything, is why I keep working on the site – it’s you guys! Your emails, your suggestions, news tips and info are the base of this website. You make it what it is, so I have to send out a massive thanks to you !! We’re 2 years old today! THANK YOU!

For a not-so-brief history of the site, click here. However, if you’re a sexy lady after my body or .. (SLAP! … It was a joke darling!) Ahem.. where was I? Ahh yes, sorry – if you simply wanna have a chat with me about your phone and how to do stuff on it, I’ll be at the MoDaCo Meet (final details now here) in Brum. You should be able to spot me, even though I’m not on the “bill” – I should have a beer in my hand and a sticker on saying “Gears” or “Leigh Geary” (my full name!) You can pop along this coming Saturday and say hi, just fill in this simple form and I’ll see you there!

(Image right is an obvious attention-grabbing image of Gemma Atkinson from Hollyoaks. Gemma, if you’re doing nothing this Saturday, meet me at the … SLAP .. . owww)