Voq from Sierra Wireless at CTIA 2004

Voq from Sierra Wireless at CTIA 2004 There’s some things I’m not a great fan of. There’s no big list really, although I’d have to include the people at Motorola who postponed “indefinitely” the Motorlola MPx100 and the continuing delays to the Motorola MPx being just two (Come on Motorola! The MPx100 is a GREAT phone! Get it out on the market!).

I’ve tried to hide it, but I can’t pretend any more.. There’s something else that’s on my “stuff I don’t like” list. Yes, it’s the Sierra Wireless Voq. This is a huge phone which was announced over a year ago and has since undergone some tweaks to its’ keyboard. If you were to place this thing next to the SPV C500 or Audiovox SMT 5600 you’d probably think it was some sort of remote control for a clunky 1980’s TV set.
I’m sorry – I don’t like it. It looks like a prop that was used in the original series of Star Trek. I can just imagine William Shatner running around shouting, “Scotty, Scotty, Beam me up Scotty” into it.

Strewth. This phone is in trouble – for one, it’s huge. For another, it’s made me mention both William Shatner AND Star Trek on CoolSmartPhone.. something which I hoped I would never do. I’m not a Trekkie, and you won’t find me dressing up for a Star Trek conference or anything like that.. Dressing up for my own personal pleasure, maybe – but not for a conference, that’d just be wrong.

Anyway? Where was I? Oh yeah, there’s this conference in San Francisco (not a Star Trek conference, ignore that now, we’ve moved on) where they’re showing off all the latest phones and what-not. Anyways, the guys at Mobile Gadget News are there and they’re taking pictures etc etc. They had a chat with the reps at the Sierra Wireless stand, who weren’t too accomodating. You can see the full news story here at Mobile Gadget News or see the big pictures of this huge Bluetooth-less QWERTY-keyboard monster here.

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