SkyForce – The best shoot-em-up on the Smartphone!

SkyForce   The best shoot em up on the Smartphone! Skyforce is one helluva game. It’s already taken the PocketPC and Symbian platforms by storm and is a top seller. This wicked shoot-em-up is available exclusively from our friends at Clickgamer, who do a fantastic job running our software shop here.

The game is a wild over-head shoot-em-up with smooth graphics, fantastic music, excellent sound effects, weapons upgrades, your choice of ships, autofire (on/off) and massive explosions!

Infinte Dreams are responsible for this, and I must say that it has to be one of the best shoot-em-ups I’ve ever seen on the Smartphone. In fact – I crashed my little ship about 3 times on purpose just so I could see the explosion again!! 🙂 This game is absolutely fantastic – it actually made me put DOWN my beer, and that’s one hell of an achievement!

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More info – Try or buy SkyForce here at our games shop.