MPx220 Mysteries solved?

MPx220 Mysteries solved? Some rather hilarious but possibly missed solutions to the Motorola MPx220’s problems have been uncovered by the guys at Firstly, the volume issue could be all down to a small piece of sticky tape over the speaker. These small bits of clear tape are usually found on screens, cameras and infrared ports to prevent scratching during packaging. However, this bit of tape is shaped exactly like the earpiece itself and is hard to make out. Click here to read the full story on this.

That said, although the guys at removed it, the sound still appears to be low in comparison with other handsets. 🙁

However, it doesn’t stop there – SmartPhoneThoughts have also written here about the camera, which has been a constant source of debate. It appears that turning bluetooth ON and taking a photo makes your shots come out like this! Blimey… however, after a bit of fidling with light settings and stuff (and turning the bluetooth off – DOAH!), you can get 1.3Megapixel shots which are very respectable, like this one here.

The Motorola MPx220 is available in the USA at present and should be coming out in the UK soon. For more details and the source of these stories, click here to visit