More reviews of the C500 and AudioVox SMT 5600

More reviews of the C500 and AudioVox SMT 5600 Essentially both the Orange SPV C500 (Europe) and the AudioVox SMT 5600 (USA) are the same handset and they’re getting some excellent coverage across the web at the moment.

However, I’m annoyed to see the silly “bad points” mentioned in some web reviews, like this review which states that “The whole Bluetooth interface seemed somewhat unpolished” and “You are not able to play media through a Bluetooth headset” .. who the frig want’s this really? Imagine the scene, you’ve got your Bluetooth headset, which must have about.. oooo.. a couple to maybe 4 hours talk time.. and it’s not stereo is it? Do you really want the battery life wasted just because you’re listening to some dance tunes on the way to work ? Nah. Bobbins. Use some headphones.

Another review that’s appeared is this BBC one which states that the handset is “sluggish”… and although this is only classed as a “minor thing”, they waffle on about it and seem to get bogged down in a “mini computer” analogy for several paragraphs. Rubbish.

That said, both reviews give either high marks or a lot of praise, with the BBC review stating, “The C500 has much to offer. It comes with a big, bright screen and anyone familiar with Windows will feel at home with the Microsoft operating system.”. If you want a better review, click here to read ours!

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Credit for BBC News find – Russ Casey