C500 Update now available!

C500 Update now available! Orange have just released an upgrade for SPV C500 users – and guess what? It fixes that gaming issue we mentioned in our review here (note, this has now been amended following this fix), so now there’s absolutely NOTHING to stop you from buying one of these fantastic handsets.

C500 Users – Get your upgrade here now!!!

Note – It’s a 22.1Mb download, so ensure you’ve got some broadband power going on! Please note, this update WILL kill all your installed programs (re-install them via your PC’s ActiveSync, Add/Remove Programs) and your contacts (just re-sync your phone and all will be well). This update is essential for ALL SPV C500 users and features…

– Videos ! They can now be sent via MMS

– GAPI / Flickering issue in games has now been fixed

– Packet video full screen mode and backlight fix

– Improved memory management of the camera and video applications

– Improved browsing/upload speed (changed from GPRS class 8 to class 10)

Even the “message sticking” problem on the home screen is fixed. We’ve now updated the review for the SPV C500 to reflect this update, and we urge any C500 user to grab this NOW. Even my personal “bug” (the screen going off when keylock is on) is fixed!! WEHAY! (Hit Settings, Power Management, Display Time Out “Never”)

SPV C500 Users – Get your upgrade here now!!!