DVD to Smartphone – So good it SELLS the Smartphone!

DVD to Smartphone   So good it SELLS the Smartphone! You may have already read my well deserved praise of DVD to Mobile (Smartphone Edition). Well, it gets even better. DVD to Mobile works along with the bloody brilliant BetaPlayer (available here) – a free and rather splendid movie-player with wide-screen / pause + resume functions and more. This software is sooo good that it’s now helping to SELL SPV’s ! Have a read of the email below which I’ve just received from a happy SPV user..

“Just a quick note to say THANKYOU!

The DVD to Mobile software is out of this world! I purchased it two days ago along with a 512MB sd card and i’ve already got Lord of the Rings, YES, Lord of the Rings on the phone, six episodes of Phoenix Nights AND three episodes of Futurama!!

How on earth the compression works is beyond me, the quality is amazing for what it is and it’s sooo easy!

Once again thanks, if i hadn’t seen your review I would never have even heard of it, please make as big a thing of this as possible 3 of my colleagues have just gone and got an SPV just for this software alone! This is what Smartphones are about!”

Benn Laidler (one very satisfied customer)

Read the review here – buy or try it here.

Please remember to observe copyright law and only use this software on movies which you already own, else we’ll send “the boys” round.