Visto Mobile 5 Released

Visto Mobile 5 Released



New ConstantSync™ technology delivers up-to-the-moment Email, contacts and calendar to multiple devices


(Redwood Shores, CALIF., October 8 2004) — Visto Corporation (, the leading global provider of personal and corporate wireless e-mail and PIM solutions to mobile operators for the broadest set of mobile device platforms, today announced Visto Mobile 5.0, the next generation of its wireless e-mail platform which now provides instantaneous and automatic 2-way delivery of email, contacts and calendar updates on any 2.5G or 3G device. The new push email/PIM capability combined with Visto’s already broad device support and carrier grade delivery platform, reinforces Visto’s leadership as a superior platform and differentiated solution for wireless operators to deploy today to gain much broader and deeper market penetration and, unlike Blackberry, a differentiated, carrier specific solution.


Several new features make Visto Mobile 5.0 with ConstantSync™ a break-through platform that keeps users completely up-to-date and always in touch. New push e-mail delivery to any mobile device over 2.5G and 3G networks provides users with instantaneous and automatic e-mail availability; the FIPS 140-compliant, end-to-end AES encryption provides total security; and the optimized network architecture that requires only 20 percent of the bandwidth of SyncML or IMAP-based solutions significantly reduces the amount of data transfer required for carriers and users.  And, Visto’s unique ConstantSync technology goes beyond competitive solutions by also providing real-time 2-way updates to calendar and contact databases.


Ten leading wireless carriers worldwide offer their customers access to wireless e-mail and PIM through the Visto Mobile platform, including AT&T Wireless and Nextel Communications in the United States. Furthermore, Visto’s technology is available on all leading intelligent devices, including the new Motorola MPX220 SmartPhone and Sony-Ericsson’s P910.


“Wireless email today is the most pervasive enterprise mobile application and a critical mobile solutions entry point for mobile operators and enterprises globally,” said Stephen Drake, Program Manager for IDC’s Mobile Software service. “Solutions such as Visto Mobile 5.0 that deliver a true push-based, real-time architecture as well as broad device and email platform support provide a compelling solution for both mobile operators and enterprises.”


Visto’s new real-time push email and personal information management (PIM) capability provides a seamless user experience through it’s support for native device clients, background mode operation, and instant 2-way delivery of information. Visto has taken push-based email and PIM delivery to the next level by extending this experience to the broad range of operating systems supported by Visto Mobile 5.0 including Windows Mobile 2003 for SmartPhone and Pocket PC Phone Edition, Palm OS, Symbian OS, and J2ME MIDP 2.0.


“We have the most advanced solution, strong mobile operator partnerships, the broadest device support, the financial strength and the patented intellectual property which will allow us to surpass RIM’s total subscriber base in 2005,” said Brian Bogosian, chairman, president and CEO of Visto Corporation.