Macromedia to expand the use of flash in mobiles

Macromedia to expand the use of flash in mobiles No direct mention of the Windows Smartphone here, but Macromedia are very interested in expanding the use of Flash into mobile phones so that operators can easily amend menus, add hot keys, give extra functionality and change the interface of a phone easily.

The article, in ZDNet, states..

Japan’s NTT DoCoMo, and Vodafone and Orange in Europe, are routinely demanding specific ways of manoeuvring through menus and buttons with certain functions.

Juha Christensen, president of the mobile and device business at Macromedia is quoted as saying…

“We are putting Flash on hundreds of millions of phones that will enable a whole new industry of uploading new user interfaces, I really don’t think my handset maker or wireless operator knows what the customer wants. Yet there’s a battle between handset makers and operators on who will own the interface.”

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