MPx220 coming to o2 and AT&T – and maybe Vodafone too?!

MPx220 coming to o2 and AT&T   and maybe Vodafone too?! UK network o2 will be bring the much-anticipated Motorola MPx220 Smartphone out very soon. In fact, they’ve got a PDF which includes it in the o2 “coming soon” section. Grab the PDF direct from Motorola by clicking here.

Here in the UK this move means that the big networks, Orange, T-Mobile (hopefully with the SDA soon) and now o2 will all have Microsoft-powered Smartphones. Although we hear continual rumours about Vodaphone they’re yet to announce a Vodaphone Smartphone 🙁

There have been many rumours about the Motorola MPx220. It’s slightly delayed due to issues with the camera and image quality, however these announcements by operators mean that we should hopefully see yet another Windows Mobile phone by Christmas.

UPDATE – AT&T and Motorola are now also announcing that the MPx220 is right around the corner – click here to see their advert.

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UPDATE 2 – We’re hearing the mighty Vodafone may also be releasing this within weeks – click here for info.

UPDATE 3 – Still there’s flash / camera problems with this handset, and possibly volume problems too. The handset has started selling at US-shop “Best Buy” and this post shows the problems. We really hope that this “green picture” problem gets sorted, along with the audio issues.

UPDATE 4 – are reporting here that the launch of the MPx220 is to be on Monday, October 18.