Massive MoDaCo Smartphone Event November 6th

Massive MoDaCo Smartphone Event November 6th Most of you will know about, it’s the largest Smartphone forum on the planet. Every now and then they have Events which are designed to bring the community together. This time the event is going to be a bit different…

TWO arenas – one for developers and one for us non-developers.

– Much larger venue and no restrictions on availability!

– Giveaways, competitions, quizes and Smartphone industry reps!

This is your chance to come along, see the latest hardware, ask “how do I do this?” questions and learn how you can get the MOST out of your Cool SmartPhone !

This is hopefully going to be the biggest Microsoft Smartphone event in the UK this year, and I’ll be there too – probably wearing a T-Shirt this time saying, “I’m the drunken one” or something so people know who I am .. 🙂

When and Where?52 Degrees North, Birmingham on Saturday November 6th between 12pm – 6pm

Interested? – To get your name down in advance so that we can be more sure of numbers, you can fill in this form to email the MoDaCo meet team. Please note that you’ll need to fill ALL of this in. Your DoB is needed as the event is in a bar and MoDaCo are not allowed to let them serve minors. MoDaCo Plus is to allow these members priority at registration, don’t worry though, this place is MASSIVE! Your mobile number will be used only on the day of the meet. We will be texting updates to people on this day only regarding the meet. We will not use them again or distribute them to any people other than MoDaCo (who you are registering with, and Orange, who are sending them. Again, they will only be used ON THE DAY.

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Do you sell or produce a Smartphone? Do you write software for the Smartphone? Do you produce applications, utilities, accessories or services for the MS Smartphone ? If so, we’d like to see you down at the MoDaCo meet too! Do you fancy giving stuff away and talking to the developers and users of the MS Smartphone directly? If so, email us here so we can arrange stuff with

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