4SmartPhone Mobility Solution

4SmartPhone Mobility Solution

4SmartPhone launches first affordable office mobility solution with 40 companies in production


SMB Customers Rely on First Cost-Effective Solution that Supports Mobile Computing Anywhere, Anytime With Nearly Any Device



PHOENIX, Ariz.October 4, 20044SmartPhone, the first company to provide affordable office mobility solutions that support computing anywhere, anytime, on nearly any device for small and medium size businesses, announced today 40 companies are in production with its new mobility computing solution.  The 4SmartPhone service, running on the Microsoft Windows Mobile platform, provides easy access to corporate information from most wireless devices including data-enabled phones, smartphones and PDAs. Small and medium size businesses in many vertical industries including retail, consulting practices, and real estate agencies are rapidly adopting the 4SmartPhone service for enterprise-class mobile computing to maximize productivity at a significantly lower price.


4SmartPhone addresses the SMB market with an offering that includes all the features of expensive, proprietary enterprise wireless solutions, but at a cost that rivals the consumer-oriented services that are too limited for a business environment. With 4SmartPhone, users can access constantly updated or real-time information with the most familiar functions of Microsoft Outlook on a wireless device, including inbox, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, and shared public folders. In addition, 4SmartPhone enables real-time access to information through synchronization over the air (cradleless synch), allowing users to send, receive, review, edit and store emails and attachments of the most popular desktop applications.


Productivity Pay-Off 

“With the 4SmartPhone service we have had a 33 percent increase in productivity – an impressive improvement for our power plant development business,” said David Field, president, Utility Infrastructure Partners, headquartered in San Diego, Calif. “What’s more, with 4SmartPhone, we no longer bring our laptops on the road. We have everything we need for our mobile office at a fraction of the cost and far less hassle.”


Bread Company Makes More Dough

“Before SmartPhone, I was constantly running back and forth between my home and the office to check emails – and while I was on the road, my wife had to check emails periodically and call me with important messages,” said Chris Mihaletos, partner, Atlanta Bread Company in Scottsdale, Ariz. “Amazingly, I was in an airport in between flights in Hawaii when my smartphone system was set up! I was able to enjoy my vacation with peace of mind, knowing that I could be kept abreast of any urgent matters that might arise. My life now is so much simpler because my phone is my office and it travels with me wherever I go. I’ve been able to reduce my work time by 30 percent, and increase my productivity. I’ve even used the SmartPhone while traveling in South American and Europe.”


No Slow Downs for Consulting Practice

“4SmartPhone provides a dependable, time-saving, high-productivity service – with unparalleled convenience,” said Randy Carpio, director, Venture Consulting Group & Associates Inc., located in Scottsdale, Ariz. “I can use my smartphone anywhere and I don’t have to find a WiFi area or a laptop plug-in at the coffee shop or in the airport.  Best of all, there is nothing to synch up – because everything I’ve accomplished on my phone during the day is automatically synchronized to my desktop, saving me time at the end of the day.”


Less Equipment, Less Hassle, More Quality of Life for Realtors

 “In the real estate industry, time is money. With my smartphone, I save up to two hours a day,” said Kris Anderson, CLHMS, ABR, realtor for REMAX EXCALIBUR  in Scottsdale, Ariz. “Realtors go to great lengths to stay productive, some use laptops and modems and some even have a fax/copier/scanner they haul around. With my smartphone, I can send and receive emails and review contracts instantly without having to turn on my laptop or go back to the office. With 4Smartphone, I can maximize my time at work, and enjoy more quality personal time. I can’t imagine life without it.”


4SmartPhone Features

4SmartPhone includes the following features:

  • Access to most familiar functions of Microsoft Outlook on a wireless device, including inbox, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, and shared/public folders;

  • Real-time access to information, without having to wait for download or synchronization;

  • Synchronization over the air (cradleless synch);

  • Support for HTML-formatted emails, as well as email attachments on most smartphones and PDAs;

  • Flexible and customizable email/event notifications;

  • Server-based application that can be accessed through any data-enabled phone with an HTML or WAP browser;

  • Support for any wireless carrier;

  • Secure, encrypted communication through SSL (HTTPS);

  • Virus checking; and

  • SPAM filtering