MPx220 – November launch on AT&T? Or October?

MPx220   November launch on AT&T? Or October? The MPx220 .. it’s been delayed right? Well, AT&T are getting the sales force into gear, so it looks like that infamous phrase, “it’s right around the corner”, might.. actually be true.

Stefan Druijf emailed me from the US (where the phone will launch first on AT&T by the looks of it) to tell me about this AT&T promo page that’s appeared, encouraging people to order an MPx220 early. If you do, you get a free bluetooth headset!

Interestingly this “pre-order” offer expires on October 29th.. so that means a possible November launch for the MPx220 on AT&T

Further info – (or click here to go direct to it).
Motorola MPx220 page at AT&T

– Now, Motorola are emailing out saying, “Regarding your concern, we apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced in obtaining information on the release of the MPx220 model. We are glad to let you know that the MPx220 is planned to be released through AT&T Wireless in October.” .. So.. it should be out very soon!